“G” Is for Godden Handbook of Pottery Marks

imageWhen Janet first started collecting ceramics she had little knowledge of pottery marks. However,  The SHELLEY Collectors Club encouraged members to become familiar with Wileman and SHELLEY Marks as there was a possibility items could have counterfeit back stamps. This prompted Janet to buy the Geoffrey A. Godden New Handbook of British Pottery &Porcelain Marks. Janet has bought many Ceramic Guide Books over the years but this one has served her particularly well and she recommends it to others.

Homes and Hammers

Janet and John have moved house so many times that it’s difficult for Family and Friends to be sure where they actually live. Retirement hasn’t changed this, in fact the desire to find a “Home” has prompted several moves. They both enjoy refurbishing property, taking something that has been neglected and updating it is what usually drives the decision to buy. The house they are presently living in was a repossession, with rotting floor boards, damaged ceilings, rooms painted in garish colours and an overwhelming smell of dogs. John has worked his magic and the property now has a stylish bathroom and kitchen, wooden floors, plus neutral colours to walls. They are pleased with the end result, time to move on.

“F” Is For Furniture

imageFurniture has never appealed to Janet. However, when she visited an Auction House in Nottingham she spotted among the tables and chairs a Bardic Throne. For once Janet was determined to buy a piece of furniture and take this Bardic Throne back to Wales. A Chair or throne,  created by a local carpenter is awarded  at an Eisteddfod to the Bard who has written the best poem. The Eisteddfod is a Welsh Festival of literature, music and performance. It’s held every August and alternates between North and South Wales. This Throne is dated 1927, Janet has done some research and apparently the Eisteddfod was in North Wales that year, the carpenter would have been from the area. However, this particular year it was felt the Bards were not up to scratch, the Throne was not awarded.